How do you say “Exercise” in German?

Question by Horsebackrider94: How do you say “Exercise” in German?
Not exercise like lifting weights, or running. Exercise like a school exercise, or a homework exercise.

Please don’t use an online translator becuase it will probably give you the other type of “exercise”. Thank you. :D

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Answer by Bettina S
If you mean the training of the vocabluaries par example, we say üben.
Ich übe meine Vokabeln.

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Check out these Exercise images:

Alcatraz – Exercise Yard Exit Door “Sailing Away”

Image by David Paul Ohmer
Alcatraz exercise yard – exit door


Image by mikebaird
Two girls exercising (one doing a push-up here) and walking their dogs at Cayucos State Beach, Cayucos, CA, Feb. 14, 2007 – photo by Mike Baird, bairdphotos.com. Shot w/ a Canon 5D w/ 600 mm f/4.0 IS lens w. 1.4X TE, balanced on a rail – no setup time.

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2 of 3 Coast Guard 47′ Motor Lifeboat performs storm exercises in wild surf at Morro Bay

Image by mikebaird
2 of 3 Coast Guard boat performs storm exercises in wild surf at Morro Bay, CA. 09 Nov. 2008. Michael "Mike" L. Baird, Canon 1D Mark III EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM handheld, taken from solid land at the base of Morro Rock.
CGC "Coast Guard Cutter"

What exercise is best to tone my thighs and abdominals/ stomach?

Question by ——: What exercise is best to tone my thighs and abdominals/ stomach?
Please keep in mind exercise, not machine. Plus, if you wouldn’t mind, can you describe the exercise or show a link describing how to do it, or someone doing it. Thanks ahead of time. :D
awesome possums everyone. I’ll try all of it and see how it works, once again, thx!

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Answer by Akakooldood
do situps and crunches for the abdomen… they are the best…!!

and do the following exercises for toning your thighs:


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TKO Anti Burst Fitness Ball Set 75cm

TKO Anti Burst Fitness Ball Set 75cm

  • 75 cm anti-burst fitness ball for home workouts
  • Helps increase flexibility and tone muscles
  • Soft rubber surface supports and cushions body
  • Builds strength in core, upper body, and lower body
  • Comes with hand pump and instructional wall chart

Perfect for yoga and fitness classes, fitness balls help increase flexibility while strengthening and toning muscles. Our fitness balls feature anti-burst construction and are easy to clean. Includes hand pump and instructional wall chart.Ideal for yoga and fitness classes, the TKO anti-burst fitness ball helps you increase your flexibility while strengthening and toning your muscles–especially your core. The 75-centimeter ball features a durable anti-burst construction, with a soft rubber surface that supports and cushions your body. The ball is perfect for ab exercises, stability and balance workouts, and even as a replacement for a flat bench for chest and shoulder presses. Easy to maintain and clean, the fitness ball comes with a hand pump and instructional wall chart.

List Price: $ 22.99


The Best Aerobic Exercise For Calorie Burning

There constantly appear to be new commercials or infomercials selling aerobic exercise equipment to help you burn calories and lose fat. Many of those advertisements make a purpose of mentioning how their product gets you to burn calories at a faster rate than if you perform different varieties of exercise or use a totally different piece of equipment. With so many companies making statements concerning their equipment being the best for burning calories, it raises the queries, are these statements accurate and which form of aerobic exercise extremely is best for fat loss?

If you ask a fitness professional what sort of aerobic exercise burns the foremost calories, you’ll possible get a response like, “The simplest kind of exercise or the best machine is the one you are most willing to use, as a result of you don’t get any edges if you don’t do the workouts.” In some ways this seems sort of a lazy answer, but it’s truly quite correct, while it is not very informative.

The truth is that anytime somebody tells you one specific sort of aerobic exercise burns more calories than everything else, they are either making an attempt to sell you a particular product or they have a poor understanding of exercise physiology. Some sorts of aerobic exercise have edges over other forms of exercise for various reasons, such as the quantity of stress put on your joints, however the actual calorie burning and fat loss effects have less to do with the form of exercise and a lot of to do with how the exercise is performed.

There is quality scientific evidence to support the idea that different factors, like intensity, are more important than the piece of equipment you employ or the sort of exercise you perform. Researchers have compared various sorts of exercise to work out that ones burn the foremost calories and when all different factors are kept the identical, there’s usually no statistical difference between different styles of exercise. However, there can be variations in the precise physical variations you get from totally different styles of exercise, just not in the full range of calories burned.

For example, in a very study revealed within the June 2010 Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research[1], the authors compared the quantity of calories burned during treadmill and elliptical exercise and that they let the topics choose their own exercise difficulty. They found that when the perceived level of exertion was the identical, the calorie burning and oxygen consumption were conjointly the same. The sole distinction between the 2 varieties of exercise was that exercising on an elliptical machine resulted in higher heart rates than when exercising on a treadmill, even when calorie burning and perceived problem were the same.

This is just one of many examples, but it’s the one I browse most recently, thus I made a decision to incorporate it during this article. The vital factor to notice is that when exercise problem increases, calorie burning conjointly increases, no matter what type of exercise is being performed. Thus, you can see that it is really true that the most effective sort of aerobic exercise is the one you fancy or are willing to do most consistently. Of course, there is no reason to stay with solely one kind of exercise and it’s a smart plan to mix things up to assist forestall problems connected to constantly repeating the identical motion.

As for the difficulty of how firms make claims that their specific product leads to more calorie burning than other kinds of exercise, well that is very in issue involving misleading exercise comparisons. For instance, typically comparisons are made between a bit of apparatus that only involves lower body muscles (treadmill) and a bit of apparatus that makes you utilize your legs and arms.

In these situations, if individuals using each machines are working their legs at the same level of problem, that is usually the case, then obviously the individuals performing additional work with their arms can burn additional calories. The knowledge that is sometimes ignored is that the folks working their legs and arms can also be performing a additional troublesome workout and therefore the exercise can feel additional difficult for those individuals as well. If the folks working simply their legs increased their work rate to match the overall problem of the other exercisers, then the calorie burning would nearly definitely be the same.

In the foremost basic terms, your body burns calories to accomplish work, therefore if you are performing more challenging exercise, then you’re doing additional work and you will burn more calories. A minimum of at this time, there’s no magical machine that allows you to burn more calories by doing less total work. If you wish to burn calories through exercise, then you have got to make your body perform enough work to burn the calories. But, you’ll use any kind of exercise for this task, therefore strive some completely different varieties of exercise to search out out what works best for you.

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How much does exercise have to do with mental sharpness and memory?

Question by Peace69: How much does exercise have to do with mental sharpness and memory?
I know I’m answering my own question, but I would like to know other people’s experiences with exercise and feeling mentally sharp. Please let me know of differences in mental acuity between weeks or months of not exercising and exercising regularly. I’m particularly interested in those people who have lost a lot of weight and the memory performance differences between being overweight and being at normal weight.

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Answer by musicgurucharles
More than you would think..being active is important

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How often should a diabetic exercise? What kinds of exercise would be appropriate?

Question by kirby_ang: How often should a diabetic exercise? What kinds of exercise would be appropriate?
I’m not sure how much exercise would also be considered too much. I’ve heard and read some recommend an exercise of 3 times a week. Would exercising daily be too much? I think other people leading active lifestyles have no problem with daily physical activity. Is it possible for a diabetic to still build up their muscles? Or would their condition make it a little more difficult for them?

Best answer:

Answer by fenneljay
Any kind of exercise is beneficial, and if they are seeing a doctor should not be a problem unless their disease is very advanced.

Lifting weights builds muscle, and muscle responds much better to insulin than fat does. One can about ‘cure’ early type 2 diabetes often by building enough muscle and exercising.

Walking is great for the heart and lungs. It also brings down high blood sugar. Ten minutes of walking can make a noticable difference on your meter. If you do 30 minutes, it can keep your numbers lower for 24 hours after.

If your blood sugar gets totally out of control, like 250, exercise isn’t good until it is down a bit.

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What exercise can I do to get rid of back bulges right where my bra is?

Question by ♥TeenieWoo♥: What exercise can I do to get rid of back bulges right where my bra is?
What exercises can I do to get rid of back bulges/fat that are right where my bras sits? Is there a website that can show me pictures as well? I have a work-out band, which I love to use, so is there an exercise that can be involved with that? Thanks tons.

Best answer:

Answer by Les M
stop wearing a bra

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Facial Exercises Reduce the Signs of Aging

The face is the first thing that people see when you come into contact with them. Our face and skin are our biggest assets that produce our first impression. As we age, signs of deterioration show on our face and skin. Wrinkles, dryness, fine lines, sagging skin, and age spots are all signs that you are getting older. Unfortunately other people can see them, and will understand why they have appeared. Although, wanting to look and feel younger than our age is a vain, superficial flaw, but it is one that women and men have pondered for over thousands of years. No one wants to be judged by their aging skin Admit it, no one likes or wants to get old. However, if it were possible to age without the signs and symptoms, it wouldn’t be half as bad.

Beauty is a billion dollar market that people spend countless dollars on every year. For years women have used cosmetics, plastic surgery, peels, facial machines and skin care products to hide, reduce or remove the signs of aging. Unfortunately this is only a temporary fix, for once you remove that makeup, or enough time goes by, those fine lines, droopy skin and wrinkles will sneak right back up on you. So what if there was a way that you could eliminate these skin signs permanently without costing tons of money? It sounds too good to be true, not quite.

If you asked a doctor, nutritionist, personal trainer, or health care professional the best way to keep your body healthy, they would tell you a proper diet and exercise can give the body everything it needs to stay healthy. Well, your face is part of your body and much like the muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin in the rest of your body, your face needs the proper nutrition and exercise to maintain its supple, firm, beautiful, young skin. If you already eat healthy and maintain a proper exercise routine then you are almost already there. You probably never even thought about exercising your face because it seems so silly and ridiculous. However, in actuality if we kept our facial muscles as well exercised as the rest of the muscles in the body then we wouldn’t have drooping or sagging skin, wrinkles or fine lines or discoloration. Facial exercises protect and strengthen the muscles and maintain elasticity of the skin. Facial exercises work by applying resistance on the facial muscles to flex and tone the tendons, ligaments and muscles. This keeps the skin from loosening, which causes wrinkles and sagging.

Facial exercises should be part of your daily exercise routine. By simply doing facial exercises for 15-20 minutes a day you can tone and strengthen your facial muscles. As we age gravity takes effect on our skin, our skin becomes more elastic and begins to sag and loosens around the face. The early signs of aging creep up causing wrinkles, fine lines and drooping skin. Tight facial muscles will actually reduce signs of aging that have already appeared on the skin, but if started early enough will prevent the signs of aging from even occurring. Facial exercises will keep the skin soft and supple giving it a youthful appearance. It will increase circulation in the skin, which allows for more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.  More nutrients in the body create healthier, smoother, tighter skin. Facial exercises firm, lift, tighten, plump and reduce discoloration on the face.

Facial exercises can be done anywhere because there is no equipment needed. Exercises can be accomplished in a sitting or standing position. It is free to learn facial exercises and can be easily accomplished and repeated. Facial exercises can be done anytime throughout the day, after you wake up or even before you go to bed. There are exercises for each part of the face eyes, forehead, mouth and chin, in the front of the neck, jowls and scalp. Some areas of the face respond quicker than others, however results are not immediate. Continuation of daily facial exercises is needed to see a full effect of results on the face. For beginners, facial exercises should be done 1 time a day for a month, and then exercises can be dropped to 3 times a week to maintain results. Facial exercises are an alternative to traditional anti aging treatments and remedies. It requires dedication and persistence to do the exercises daily. Additional effects of facial exercising include losing face fat, reducing cheek fat, decreasing a double chin, and minimizing bags and circles under the eyes. Facial exercises should be done in conjunction with a healthy diet and positive lifestyle.

Graduated with a BA in exercise science and have worked in the medical field since.  My focus is alternative medicine however all aspects of health interest me.  Check out my health website!

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