Q&A: How do you do the “Abs Diet” for women?

Question by Corinne B: How do you do the “Abs Diet” for women?
I’m reading the book, “Abs Diet” It seems to be written for men. I’m a woman, 33, I’d like to lose about 10 lbs, mostly around the middle. Will this diet really work for me? Should I adapt it for a woman, I guess eat about half of the food suggested?

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Answer by Angela
There is a book by the same author called ‘Abs Diet for Women.’ It’s a green book. I bought it and read it, but there were just too many guidelines that I got lost in it. I like for any diet I do to be easy and straight-forward. But there is a book just for women if you’d like to try it.

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One Response to Q&A: How do you do the “Abs Diet” for women?

  • Bryan R says:

    no such thing as target weight lose.
    sorry but if you want to lose weight your going to have to lose the fat all around u as well. umm its true that men can eat more cals per day but thats because we usually have more muscle mass which means we burn more cals because of the muscles need for energy. so instead of eating just half- try 2/3 of suggested food meals. dont starve yourself. thats not helping anyone. and for god sack dont be gimmicked by products. my mom has been searching for ways to lose her fat through weight loss supplements and unnecessary ab machines. and so far none has worked except for the surgery which she gained back because she didnt fallow the simple steps to lose weight of even stay the same. so if you want to lose weight. do it the right way. u can look it up all around the internet. for a short instructions read this

    ok first of all you dont need to do 60-100 crunches every day. not only is that straining your back but it is also not effective. first of all a normal crunch is usually never done right because of bad form and your not getting the full motion as well. plus to build muscle you need to add weight and nutrients. (protein) if you want a flat stomach all you need to do is lose the weight. there is no target weight lose. so your going to have to wait a while till you get your shape. you will also notice less fat around your body. that will lower your stomach. ex-if you have a fat guy trying to get six pack abs. hes not going to be doing 60-300 crunches a day. if he did he still look fat. the abs are not going to show unless you lose the fat on top of it. so instead you will probably notice him trying to lose weight by eating right (5-6 small portion meals a day-separated by 2-3 hours”this will keep the metabolism going and as u know. the faster the metabolism the more weight you will lose”) drink only water (8 glasses a day) and eat proper meals (no fast foods or fatty foods- like chips cake and fries) plus a little exercise helps alot.(aerobic and weight training) the more muscle you have the more weight you will lose. ps…doesnt mean you have to look like a body builder but a good toned body is always sexy. to get the 6 pack abs is tough. you not only need to lose the weight but you may also need to gain muscle.
    if you dont have any back problems try weighted ab workouts. this builds the muscle because to build muscle you need to add extensive weights. (you see men building biceps all the time. but there not doing 5 pound weights for 30-60 times- yet you see them pushing there limits till they get tired) they wait a minute then do it again- also to build muscle it takes rest. so dont over do it.
    1-lose weight for flat stomach
    a-eat 5-6 small portion meals a day
    b-drink 8 glasses of water a day
    c exercise
    1-aerobic (keeps the heart pumping) burns the fat & muscle
    2-weight training (more muscle the more weight you lose) plus you look toned and not skin and bone. you will also keep or increase your muscle mass because of the muscle lost when doing aerobics
    3-eat healthier!!!

    2-for abs to show more and be built do weighted ab work outs
    a-rest is important to building muscle
    b-protein and vitamins
    c-weighted ab work outs (reach mmf-momentary muscle failure)
    1-when you feel as though you cant do any more then rest
    2-do about 8-20 reps in 2-3 sets
    d-lose weight for a more toned look

    hope that helps :)