Flat Abs Pilates Routine – Diet.com Video

diet.com Follow along in this full length Pilates abs workout video featuring Cassey. This video is suitable for beginners, hard enough for advanced athletes and requires no equipment at all. Enjoy this Pilates Core Workout. Search our video library at Diet.com: www.diet.com Get Great Recipes: www.diet.com Follow on Twitter: twitter.com YouTube Friends Featured in This Video: Visit Sarah @ YouTube.com Visit Cassey @ YouTube.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

diet.com Get a leg slimming Pilates workout with Cassey! This Pilates workout video will help slim your inner thighs creating thinner looking legs. Search our video library at Diet.com: www.diet.com Twitter – twitter.com Check out Sarah’s Web Site – SarahFit.com YouTube Friends Featured in This Video Visit Sarah @ YouTube.com Visit Cassey @ YouTube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Flat Abs Pilates Routine – Diet.com Video

  • bubbleybubble123 says:

    does this actually work? did anybody do it and see results? :S

  • frickinradical says:


  • msPoisonpurity says:

    pull pull switch pull pull switch– hehe cassie’s sure enjoying this workout

  • ChadA4MG says:

    Pilates is probably the most fun I’ve ever had in the gym setting. I did reformer for a year, do it that long and become dedicated to it and you’ll be surprised at how much your body changes.

  • Booteh says:

    Sarah, your triceps are cut!

  • sidraniazi says:

    loved it Sarah … thanks for making the effort :)

  • stupidsminkle says:

    when i try this it must look like i’m rolling up my belly fat and flopping on the floor. one day i hope to get to this level of fitness :(

  • MsTbaby8 says:

    These are great workout routines, but will you show some for beginners that have only been working out for a few months, but want to try pilates and yoga to start getting healthy.

  • lovelao76 says:

    Awesome. Kicked my butt…

  • ilovedarladoo1777 says:

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve recently started to do Pilates based moves for my ab routine, and it is the most challenging ab routine I have ever done! This will be another great routine to switch it up! Keep the videos coming please! :D

  • vsloveureta says:

    I wish I was that in shape……

  • blogilates says:

    @CuteCoil Glad you liked it! I just uploaded a lower belly pooch vid on my “blogilates” channel, go try it! It’s a killer.

  • blogilates says:

    @MELINANOTIS Are you talking about criss cross? Just leave you feet on the floor, legs bent, and work opposite shoulder to opposite knee. No need to move the legs and you’re still working the abs effectively.

  • 3rni3nm3 says:

    love it

  • monkorony00 says:

    We love Cassy!!

  • tontron739 says:

    @GRLNXTDR06 I don’t how she manages to talk while doing it… I could barely breathe!! lol

  • CuteCoil says:

    This is an AWESOME work out :D

  • kymba44 says:


  • lindabebe835 says:

    excellent vid ladies!!

  • GRLNXTDR06 says:

    They make that look so easy lol!

  • fobbishme says:

    I love this workout video. awesome.

  • pjgmorgan says:

    Sarah you’re proper hot!

  • CaliHco86 says:

    I thought I had good abs but i worked along with this video, and OMG! I could finish some of these. Im deff adding this to my workout!

  • suyon1004 says:

    Cassey is so cute!!! I just want to following this video! (but I can’t…I have to watch it first! :) I hope to see her more often here, sarah! ;)

  • jawanasai says:

    cassey is a happy person..and she makes me happy just by wchn her..and really reallllllly her vids help me to WORKOUT…

  • mitchel126 says:

    Thanks for posting these great Pilates Workouts!

  • multicolourorange1 says:

    Is it just me or does the instructor one sound like the Barbie from Toy Story 2? :D

  • summertimefairy1973 says:

    @curazaissoawesome LMAO!!

  • curazaissoawesome says:

    Silmming? You mean slimming?

  • diordollx3 says:

    i have to do a different workout everyday or i get bored lol i’ma try this tomorrow

  • musclemat says:

    do that again but naked

  • angieg415 says:

    @TeamAsia1 hahhahhahahaha

  • RUSHROSES says:

    i loved this work out! more leg work outs please ? :)

  • MJgal125 says:

    omg, I’m burning!!! in a good way (: this helped so much! thank u! :D

  • TeamAsia1 says:

    hold 9 and you have DJ Sarah!

  • 1234zxcvbnmnbvcxz says:

    What’s better than watching one extremely beautiful lady exercise?? Watching two extremely beautiful ladies exercise!!

  • ukdonnamarie says:

    Is it ok to do pilates leg exercises along with other leg exercises, such as squats and lunges?

  • chavamma says:

    @zzhunnybee My pleasure! Glad I could help. I already am, your comment just made it better, thany you! =)

  • Hottie0926 says:

    OMG ! CASSEY !

  • zzhunnybee says:

    @chavamma thanks for the great advice! i’m motivated now… we can all do this!!! Have a great day :)

  • zzhunnybee says:

    @chavamma THANK YOU!!!!!

  • AndrewSarah4 says:

    Thank you! I’m gonna be sore! (;

  • chavamma says:

    @zzhunnybee Relax & Dont be afraid just watch the fat melt right off! & That lean, finely defined muscle sculpt your body. You’ll have one of the most envied physiques! Keep up the great work, also watch your nutrition. Remember it is not the body that fails first it is always the mind, what are you willing to do today? That will define who you become tomorrow? I dont recomend running for ladies since it tends to drop the breast. So keep it at full body strength & conditioning. Stay Strong!

  • chavamma says:

    @zzhunnybee Search for “The Secret Workout of A Celebrity” It’s a workout you can do along with Sarah in real time. Do it 3X a week 2X a day. Early morning and later evening if possible just try to fit it in twice in those days.
    I love that you’re wanting to do so much cardio however too much cardio is bad for you because your body starts eating away your hard earned muscle. So full body workouts and interval trainings is what I recomend.

  • 3rni3nm3 says:


  • 3rni3nm3 says:


  • zzhunnybee says:

    @chavamma awesome! but you know us ladies are always afraid of looking bulky and most of these ladies that go to the gym have thick thighs. are they missing out on lower body training? what cardio do you recommend for lower body? running? elliptical?

  • chavamma says:

    @zzhunnybee lowerbody strength & resistance training along with weights will turn you into a calorie burning furnace! Which is gerat you’ll be burning calories all day not just during your workout also making your lower body; glutes, inner & outher thighs, calfs, hamstrings & quads look amazingly defined, all due respect a woman with a well defined lower body can definitely make any guy tie the not. It rest assured it wont bulk you up. You’ll be rock’n The mini skirt, Jeans, dress & lingerie.

  • chavamma says:

    @bigfootstolemypuppy Yeah man you could totally be rocking the a spedo + abs during beach season, forget about it! Yeah Ladies see everything they’ve got huge expectations as we guys do too, there’s nothing better than a well defined lower body to go with your upperbody I’m in Judo that is my line of work, and legs are just a must. However Its not only for ladies give it a try it’ll confuse your muscles since most of us are just used to hiting the weights on the leg press or squat.

  • zzhunnybee says:

    will weights make the legs bulky though?? i heard 5-6 days a week of lower body strength training will burn the fat more. True??? i’d hate a BULKY result.