62/365 – On A Diet

Check out these Diet images:

62/365 – On A Diet

Image by Helga Weber
My first attempt at erasing my mouth. It’s not very good, I lost a lot of detail and…haha, I actually took the skin from my neck, adjusted the levels and curves, pasted it over my mouth, and then worked the stamp tool. I’m sure there are better techniques to doing this.

For FF: Hello, I am on a diet! It’s an experiment to see if I have enough self-control to stay away from rice and beer for a week. I’m hoping to lose five pounds :) And ooh, I’ve been working out, too.

And for GTWL: Natural light. I might’ve edited the heck out of this but all my shots are taken in natural light (because I have a sucky camera, bah) heh.

Ooh, and for TOTW: Technique!

A friend also noticed that I have a big plate. The plate wasn’t centered so I had to select it with the pen tool, duplicated the layer, and then transformed it to make it bigger and a bit more centered :)

Got the measuring tape idea here and the texture is from here.

Explored, thanks! <3
#59, March 2

The Diet Coke test – 6400 ISO – Nikon D7000

Image by Rafakoy
November 22, added Nikon D80.

Karl Zimmerman sent me an image taken with a Nikon D80, but with regular Coke, not Diet Coke. He couldn’t find any where he lives!. It seems people in Taiwan doesn’t have overweight problems like in the U.S. :) Thank you Karl!

The rest is from the original post:

My Flickr friend digital-analog got recently a used Nikon D100 and he wanted me to do a test. He took a picture of a Diet Coke can at 6400 ISO and he asked me to do the same thing with the D7000 to compare images.

Some people were interested in doing this test too, so I’ll be adding new pictures with different cameras.

All the images are taken as JPEG standard settings at f/6.3 and 6400 ISO at about 55mm. The shutter speed is different since the light conditions are different for each case.
All images are downscaled to 3008×2000 pixels, maximum size of the D100.

The order of the cameras is not important. It’s just to make easier people to find them.
(click+SHIFT to open them in a new window to compare them)
Nikon D7000
Nikon D3000 (3200 ISO max)
Nikon D700
Nikon D300
Nikon D100
Nikon D80 (3200 ISO max)
Nikon D70 (1600 ISO max)
Nikon N80 – Tmax 400 pushed to 6400 ISO
Canon 7D

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106 Responses to 62/365 – On A Diet

  • [Anthony T.] says:

    I’m not surprised the newer Nikons beat the 7D, but the 7D is not really holding up against some of the older Nikons either in this test. The 7D applies more sharpening at default settings than other Canons and I suspect the Nikons. I wonder if that is part of it…

    Maybe I’ll give this test a shot with my 7D and 5D.

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )

  • digital<>analog says:

    Wow, even a foreign can or two! Great stuff everyone.

  • Rafakoy says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/anthony_t/] Yes! It will be great if you can do the test with both cameras.

  • Keith.CA says:

    I bet you don’t even drink diet coke!~~ congrats on the endeavor and commitment Aldo – thanks for including me

  • Rafakoy says:

    [http://www.flickr.com/photos/armstrongone/] Ha! no… I hate Diet Coke!!

  • unlikelymoose says:

    Thanks for comparison. This is great. I’m a D100 user and am considering upgrading to the D7000. I’d love to see a D100-D7000 comparison at 800 ISO.