What exercise can I do to get rid of back bulges right where my bra is?

Question by ♥TeenieWoo♥: What exercise can I do to get rid of back bulges right where my bra is?
What exercises can I do to get rid of back bulges/fat that are right where my bras sits? Is there a website that can show me pictures as well? I have a work-out band, which I love to use, so is there an exercise that can be involved with that? Thanks tons.

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Answer by Les M
stop wearing a bra

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7 Responses to What exercise can I do to get rid of back bulges right where my bra is?

  • J-Dub says:

    http://www.bellaonline.com has some great exercise with picture. Also try http://www.prevention.com they have exercise from Denise Austin. Good Luck

  • BG says:

    The only way to lose the bra bulge is to lose weight. That is not a muscle, that is excess fat

  • leenh78 says:

    If you belong to a gym or have access to gym equipment in some other way, you may wish to try back extensions (without weight to start, and then adding weight to increase intensity) or lateral pulldowns. Both are phenomenal back exercises.

  • dgurlsmom says:

    The exercise involves holding your hands behind your back when you pass by the fridge or a fast-food place….in other words, ya gotta lose the fat!

  • peterchoi77 says:

    That’s like asking how to get a six pack…people don’t realize that you can’t do target excercises to get rid of fat in a specfic area. Have you ever seen a fat person with a six pack? To answer your question, you have to lower your overall body fat percentage (same goes if you want a six pack). Hitting the gym like a nut isn’t going to do the trick either. The base of any regimen is your diet. Try lowering your daily intake of calories a little bit, drastic drops in caloric intake never work out well. As far as the gym part, don’t overdo it. I can’t offer great advice for the gym part as I’m no expert in female workouts. Sleep is also VERY important for your body’s recovery, don’t neglect it.

  • Julie G says:

    There is no specific exercise to spot reduce fat anywhere on your body. Area targeted workouts are using those muscles which will make them stronger and more toned, but until a person loses the layer of fat covering them the definition can’t be seen. just working out and eating healthy will gradually reduce you body fat which will make you thinner everywhere. I know how you feel about that area though I had that too. The good news is they go away fairly easily with just weight loss. Sounds like you’re on the right track already if you’re working out so keep it up! :)

  • knihelpu says:

    Push ups, pull ups, basic stretching. You need to tone and firm up your upper-body. There is no way to isolate just that specific area.